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Project Leader

Photo of Fudail Ajaz

Fudail Ajaz

2nd year | General Engineering

Previously a member of the propulsion team, I have now been promoted to project leader due to my ability to constantly expand my knowledge on various engineering disciplines. My desire to find better solutions for current affairs encouraged me to take on the lead role and strive for technological advancements that can benefit society.

My creative and innovative mindset, paired with my ability to work under pressure, allows me to efficiently manage my team of more than 40 engineers to succeed in developing a novel prototype. The team chemistry and dynamics aid my communication and time management skills allowing me to excel in leading us in our future endeavours.

Avionics and Missions

Making sure all of the flight critical electronics are operational and up to spec is one part of the job for the Avionics sub-team. The Missions sub-team then works hard to make our drone fully autonomous, as well as connecting the drone to our ground control system for telemetry transmission and analysis.

Photo of Kush Makkapati

Kush Makkapati

Software Engineering

Photo of Lailayan Yousef Alajlan

Lailayan Yousef Alajlan

Computer Science

Photo of Alex Steffen

Alex Steffen

Mechatronics and Robotics

Photo of Alex Daniel

Alex Daniel

General Engineering

Photo of Charlotte Smith

Charlotte Smith

Gap Year

Photo of Santosh Somayajula

Santosh Somayajula

Mechatronics and Robotics

Photo of Julian Jones

Julian Jones

Computer Science

Photo of Bailey Raven

Bailey Raven

Aerospace Engineering

Photo of Yousef Shokil

Yousef Shokil

Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering

Photo of Anshul Balaji

Anshul Balaji

Computer Systems Engineering

Photo of Abdallah Muhammed

Abdallah Muhammed

Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering

Structures and Manufacturing

The team designs the main structure of the UAV, which includes the fuselage and arm system for the motors and propellers. Other areas of design includes the payload system, gimbal camera system, motor mounts, etc. The vast majority of work that the structures team does is based in CAD, specifically Fusion 360 and Solidworks. The team also works together to maintain a production perspective on the design by manufacturing the CAD models into physical prototypes.

Photo of Luke Charlwood

Luke Charlwood

Material Science and Engineering

Photo of Noor Ullah

Noor Ullah

Mechanical Engineering

Photo of Abhishek Benny

Abhishek Benny

General Engineering

Photo of Camille Langen

Camille Langen

General Engineering

Photo of Divyen Popat

Divyen Popat

Aerospace Engineering

Photo of Ted Peachey

Ted Peachey

Mechanical Engineering

Photo of Mazin Ajallad

Mazin Ajallad

Mechanical Engineering

Photo of Riaz Husein

Riaz Husein

Mechanical Engineering

Photo of Bandar Alhoshan

Bandar Alhoshan

Mechanical Engineering

Flight Dynamics

As the patent involves a variable incidence wing, the Flight Dynamics team are tasked with designing, manufacturing, and testing a wing structure. Specifically, they focus on the carrying capacity as well as the control of airflow around the fuselage of the aircraft.

Photo of Hannah Lynneth Facun

Hannah Lynneth Facun

Aerospace Engineering

Photo of Rory Beglin

Rory Beglin

Aerospace Engineering

Photo of Rory Dodson

Rory Dodson

Aerospace Engineering

Photo of Matthew Kerr

Matthew Kerr

General Engineering

Photo of James Turner

James Turner

Aerospace Engineering

Photo of Ross Jamieson

Ross Jamieson

Aerospace Engineering

Photo of Thomas Mccarthy

Thomas Mccarthy

Aerospace Engineering


The operations team underseas all the design and admin work which goes into the teams branding and identity. This includes the graphics, public relations, social media interactions and asset management.

Photo of Yukta Kaushal

Yukta Kaushal


Photo of Kush Makkapati

Kush Makkapati

Software Engineering

Photo of Hezzie James

Hezzie James

Journalism Studies