Photo of the entire team

What we do


Project Falcon is a student-led team at the University of Sheffield committed to researching and developing cutting-edge UAV technology. Aligned with Simurq Aeronautics and part of the Sheffield Space Initiative, we were approached to test out an exciting new patent. We recruit hard-working, proactive, and committed engineers who have a genuine interest in the project. Project Falcon has a prospective future to reshape the aerospace industry, with various future opportunities we are interested in exploring, which you could be involved with.

The Patent

The patent, owned by Graham Kelly, combines the rugged adaptability of a multi-rotor with the endurance and performance benefits of a variable-incidence wing. Not only has a variable wing not been designed on a UAV, but this will massively increase hover efficiency through active variation of the wing's orientation with respect to wind direction. Possible applications for the project include environmental surveillance, remote inspection, deployment of military equipment, and the delivery of small payloads such as medical packages to remote areas over longer distances than would be practical with only rotors.

Our Aim

Building a variable incidence wing UAV is just the scratch of the surface with what we have planned to achieve. Our ambition is to build and enter our prototype in an international competition, to showcase our innovative concept. The team also aims to display our models at successive UAV technology fairs throughout the coming years.